Give me the magic!

Today was the absolute first day of this season that the Yankees disappointed me. And the disappointment is not because they lost or they gave up, because they truly tried up until the final out of the 5-4 loss.

No, it was not that at all. It was because they seem to be okay with losing.

There’s 162 games in the season so of course there is more time to practice and improve against impressive teams, such as the pesky Orioles. But the thing is that right now, they are lost. 

The Yankees are making the most of a tough season thus far, with losses of Mark Texiera and David Robertson after just over one week of play. They are filling in the holes in the field and trying to compete up at the plate, but they just don’t have that same pop they used to. Where are the Tino Martinez late inning home runs? Where are the Jorge Posada bloop doubles to plate the tying run in a seemingly impossible comeback?

The Yankees are lost at the plate. Brian McCann hasn’t found his stroke at all. He is 5/33. Brian Roberts has struggled mightily at the plate, batting a cool .160. Brett Gardner has struck out 10 times already. And Soriano is FINALLY starting to warm up and get hits, even if they’re just measly bloops. A hit is a hit. 

Ever heard that you have to at least score one run to win a game? Well, it still holds true today and it seems that at this moment, the Yankees can only count on the combination of Yangervis Solarte, occasionally Jeter and Jacoby Ellsbury to produce for the majority of the lineup.

The lineup has nine hitters in it for a reason. We can rely on one person to come through in every situation because baseball is a game of failures. Think about it. If you get three hits every ten at-bats, you’re getting a hit 30% of the time. That’s failing. But in baseball, that failure is actually a .300 average. And that ain’t bad, right?

Tonight the Yankees put the game on the shoulders of rookie Solarte, who came up with the tying run on first with one out. And Solarte grounded into a double play.

Solarte. The one who has supplied seven RBIs so far this season and six doubles for the squad. Six doubles = twice the amount of the next highest doubles hitter on the team. This rookie had the game on his shoulders and he failed to convert.

But you can’t win ’em all right? Yankees fans were confident when Solarte came up to bat. But the truth is, even he is bound to fail sometimes. We can’t expect everything from him. Which is why the Yankees need to start producing up and down the lineup, so we don’t get disappointed when the only consistent hitter on the team can’t convert in those dire ninth inning moments.

Plus, I miss the magic. Give me some of that late 90s magic: those walk-off home runs and those passionate celebrations amongst the team. Hey, maybe if the Yankees start hitting, the magic will find them. We can only hope.


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