Welcome back Jacoby

Jacoby made his infamous return to Fenway Park. What was he expecting, loud choruses of cheers? Of course he got booed. He’s in pinstripes now, isn’t that a crime?

But he made it worthwhile. Leading off the game with a fan-helped triple, Jacoby then stole a double from struggling Grady Sizemore. What’s worse? He smacked a two-run double to help seal the Yankees’ victory. And boy was it satisfying.

I’m not one for hating on other teams (unless it is rightfully deserved) but with the way the Sox treated their “trader” (yes, I’m making fun now), he showed them that he deserved some respect. He is a hard-working player. Yeah, he’s not the youngest outfielder out there and he is injury-prone, but he can still play the game and he proved that against the Sox.

Not only that, he’s proved it so far this season. With a .342 batting average so far this season, Jacoby has been nothing short of stellar and the offensive catalyst the Yankees need to continue their winning ways. A big reason they’re in first place in the tough American League East Division? Jacoby…and an array of impressive starting pitchers.

Jacoby has succeeded all expectations for the Yankees and that is because he isn’t the center of attention. Since the season has begun, the focus has fallen solely on the capable shoulders of Derek Jeter and his retirement, allowing Jacoby to sneak through the shadows and become the hero. The pressure is not all on him anymore. He is able to perform to his own ability without worrying about being scrutinized because the attention is no longer on him.

Now I’ll regret saying this…but let’s hope he doesn’t get injured. Heck, even if he does, the Yankees have twelve other old outfielders to take his place. But nobody can quite do what Jacoby has been doing. And even though he came from the rival Red Sox, you can’t help but love a hard-working, hit-producing and classy guy.

Welcome to the pinstriples, Jacoby! We’ll always cheer for you. 


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