Steroids and Pine Tar

If we didn’t have a reputation before, we sure as hell have one now.

First there’s the idea that we spend too much money. The Yankees do. They buy old players. Yes, totally true.

Second, A-Rod disgraced the sport so horribly that we refuse to even acknowledge that he is still technically a part of this storied franchise.

Third, we have Michael Pineda. It was a comeback story in the making. Until the pine tar became his drug of choice.

His first catch was against the Red Sox…now strike two was against…who else? The Red Sox.

Pardon me, but they noticed it the first time. Hell, EVERYONE noticed it the first time. Nothing was mentioned because of the Clay Bucholtz’ exploration with pine tar just last year. But hey, let me try it again, this time in a different place that is visible to EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

You get caught once, of COURSE ESPN and the cameras are going to do close-up research to check for cheating. But it is beyond me why Pineda did it again against the SAME EXACT TEAM!

Literally, I cannot express the stupidity that it takes to do that. The Sox clearly stated after the last game that they noticed it. What makes you think they are going to let it slide by again? Especially in an intense rivalry series where the Yanks have already won four of five this season. Naturally, the second a Sox employee picked it up on camera, John Farrell charged out to question it. And Pineda got caught. Once is a mistake. Twice is on purpose. Twice against one team is just plain stupid.

Not only did Pineda’s utter stupidity and clearly visible cheating ruin his own reputation, it puts the Yankees themselves in a tough spot. David Phelps has to come in as a long reliever. While the bullpen has been strong these past few games, having Phelps pitch four innings, no matter how good he may be, may leave him in need of more rest and unavailable for future games. Even if Phelps throws four innings, there is still a need for at least two or three more pitchers to finish off the game. So, its safe to say that the bullpen might end up royally screwed.

I put faith in Pineda and gave him the benefit of the doubt, but at this point I am even disappointed to see him wearing pinstripes while cheating. He could overcome this, but he’ll still be known for a longgg time as the Yankees who had the potential for an amazing comeback and using other means to get to where he is now.

After all, the MLB rulebook rule 8:02 states, “The pitcher shall not apply any foreign substance of any kind to the ball.” We can expect a suspension. And a lot of Yankees backlash and media critiques. 

Thank you Pineda. We may still win this game, but you’ve lost all trust in the eyes of the Yankee Universe.


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