Bleacher Creatures: The BEST people in baseball

Why spend your life savings to go see a few games when you can be a bleacher creature?

For the first time in my life, I was one. Saturday my boyfriend and I made the trek down to the Stadium and found ourselves in cheap, yet amazing seats. Even though you’re far away from the action, the view is awesome and you can see everything. Plus you get to take part in the role call. You are where the action is.

The Bleacher Creatures generally get a bad rap for their yelling and cheering. People tend to think that they’re being over-the-top. To me, they are passionate. They are truly the most knowledgeable baseball fans in the stadium, maybe more so than the coaches in the dugout. 

They know the players and all their stats, from this year and years before. They know the opponents and the pitchers. They literally know everything and provide insight on plays and get excited over even the simplest of things, like a routine ground ball out. 

The best part about the Bleacher Creatures is the faith they have. The game is never over.

Yesterday was John Ryan Murphy’s day. Coming in with a .200 average and a fairly unknown reputation, Murphy came up in the early innings with runners on second and third and a tie game. A normal fan wouldn’t expect much, especially so early in the game. The Bleacher Creatures, however, expected and anticipated a whole lot more to come from Murphy.

*Called ball* The guy behind me comments in his thick Long Island accent, “ah, see? Santiago knows…you don’t mess with JR Murphy. Might as well just give him first base because he ain’t swingin’ and missin’.”

Murphy drives in two runs. The Creatures go insane.

Next at-bat… “Ah, here’s the big bat…give Murphy a pitch in the zone and he’ll crush it.” 

Murphy takes a pitch out into the left-center field seats. The Creatures go crazy once again.

“Everyone start ordering your #66 jerseys. We’ve got an MVP right here!”

Murphy started the day with a .200 average and after two at-bats, his average went up to .333. He was the underdog and the unsung hero, but the Bleacher Creatures never gave up on him. No matter who came up to bat and how well they have been doing recently, the Creatures insisted that they could and would get a hit. Did everyone? No, of course not. Did they get angry when people didn’t get a hit? Of course. But they still kept the faith.

The Yankee faithful is concentrated in the Bleacher Creatures and I crossed number twelve off my bucket list; I got to be a part of the infamous super-fans. Every team needs a type of Bleacher Creature section, to keep both the spirit and the faith alive. Baseball needs that spirit and faith and I got to be a part of that.

Plus, I got to see my baseball boys point towards me. And that, my friends, is the greatest thing in the entire world to a self-proclaimed Yankee lover. 


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