John Ryan Murphy: The All-American Hero

You read that right. He’s not JR anymore. He’s John Ryan. And he’s the reason I’m watching the Yankees during this rough stretch.

Once in first place by a few games, now tied with the Orioles. How the mighty have fallen. The Yanks dropped two games to teams they should have easily beaten until they finally came through against the Cubbies in a 13-inning afternoon game. And why did they win today? John Ryan, of course.

.406 batting average. While he may only have 32 at-bats, but that means that almost half the time, he’s getting a hit. Not only is he getting his hits, he is driving in runs. Six RBIs may not seem like much, but when he’s coming into the game and driving in a run, just one run can mean the game for the Yanks.

Born and bred into the Yankees’ organization, John Ryan is a player to watch. Even though he may not play too much because he’s the back-up to McCann, he is certainly making a name for himself. Because he is who we rely on to come in and drive in that decisive run. He will help decide the game. Who knew he’d have that much power?

John Ryan Murphy. I’ve heard him called the All-American Hero…in fact I call him the All-American Hero. But that’s because its great to finally see a young player come up and make himself known. What Yankees fan doesn’t know about Murphy now?

Buy your #66 jersey now, because soon they’ll be sold out.


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