I don’t want to say I told you so…

I get crap every single day for admitting that one of my favorite Yankees is Brett Gardner. He’s not as consistent as Jacoby. He can’t hit for power. At least this is what they tell me. But recently, I’ve been telling them…HA!

The off-season signing of Jacoby Ellsbury sparked rumors that Brett Gardner would be the next to go. “Trade bait,” they called Gardner. He’s got speed and talent, but he doesn’t have what it takes to excel in the pinstripes, they said. So after much disappointment and crying, I came to terms with the fact that Gardner was a goner.

But luckily, he stayed, donning number 11 in the outfield. And looking now, he’s a major catalyst in the mid-season fight the Yanks have shown. They are five games out of first in the AL East, going 8-4 in their last 12 games coming off of the All-Star break. With a healthy Tanaka, Sabathia and Tex, the Yanks could easily be cruising into first place. But for now they’ll have to claw their way to the top, and keeping Gardner on the squad will give them a huge advantage.

In case you haven’t noticed, Gardner has been on a tear since the break, and most importantly, in an important series against the Rangers. Records aside, Gardner tore apart All-Star Yu Darvish (per usual), crushing two home runs in the loss. In his lifetime, Gardner is 5-11 against the ridiculously smooth pitcher, with four of those hits being home runs.

Besides that game, Gardner has gone 8-13 in the series at this point with four home runs and six runs scored. He has sparked an impressive performance just as the hottest month of the year cools down.

While doing well at the dish, Gardner has excelled defensively too. With a lethal combination of speed and skill in the outfield, Brett has made his fair share of catches to keep the Yanks in the game. And while his arm isn’t the strongest, his speed makes up for a lot of it. Why throw someone out at second when you can avoid it all by catching a deep ball in the first place? I mean, check out his miraculous sliding catch to rob Shin Soo Choo. No one does it better.

Hi, my name is Allison and I am a self-proclaimed Gardy Gal. Not just now, but forever. No matter how long this hot streak lasts, I’ll still be cheering for him from the stands.

So for everyone telling me I was crazy for praying the Yanks wouldn’t trade Gardner for a starting pitcher, I think I’m getting the last laugh now. Jump on the Brett Bandwagon now…I’ve been riding it since 2008 (just saying).


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