Here come the Yankees!

Entering the All-Star break, that’s exactly what the Yankees needed: a break. Now that that whole rest period is over, they’ve skipped right to playoff baseball. In August. And that is a breath of fresh air.
With a disappointing finish last year and Derek Jeter’s announcement of this being his final season, Yankee fans are praying this will be the year. If not for the fans, at least for Jeter. What a perfect way to end a career: on top, once again.
At this point, things are looking good. A dominant series against the AL Central-leading Tigers proved the Yankees are heading in the right direction for the playoff scene.
Even with the losses of top starter Tanaka and veteran Sabathia, the pitching has been at its finest, with some of the no-name starters the Yankees have been throwing into the mix.
Kuroda, despite the loss, held the Tigers to three runs in the first game of the series. Then Chris Capuano logged 6 2/3 innings of work in the second game, striking out eight Tiger batters in the process. Allowing one unearned run, Capuano kept the Yanks in the game long enough for a late-game outburst for the offense to pull off the victory.
Shane Greene added his best start of the season for the Bombers, allowing no runs in a pitching gem to secure the 1-0 victory.
2 of 3 from the Tigers, the team leading the AL in batting average and slugging percentage, is no easy feat. But the Yankees handled it well. And it has tied them in second place in the AL East, behind only the surging Orioles.
While the offense hasn’t been adding much run support, right now the pitchers are keeping the Yankees in the race.
Playoff baseball: its never too early to start playing like it is October. And the Yankees might be able to pull off the comeback of the year if their young pitching can continue on their hot streak.
October baseball in August? I’m not mad. So watch out, because here come the no-name Bombers.

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