Goose Eggs and Disappointment

We’re running out of time- Brett Gardner

Hey, at least one of the Yankees hitters realizes the struggle they’re going through. Five games and five losses later, the Yankees, who once had a shot at the playoffs, find the door is closing fast on their playoff hopes for Jeter’s final season.

As a die-hard fan, I always have faith. But faith is hard to have when the Yanks are being held to zero runs and committing errors when the starting pitching has been the best it has been in a long time. Looking up and down the lineup, there are clutch hitters. There are hitters that know how to play the game. They were doing it just about a week ago, so how could they forget?

The bases were loaded in the eighth. One out. That is an opportunity that needs to be taken advantage of. After Gardner’s walk to knock an impressive Alex Cobb out of the game for the Rays, Jeter singled to load the bases. Things began to look up…until Ellsbury swung right through a pitch right down the middle and Tex got caught looking. No runs. A wasted opportunity.

That wasn’t the only turning point in the game, but the Yanks definitely had the wind knocked out of their sails after the eighth and a deflated team is not going to come back and win after a missed opportunity like that.

But the Yankees had one runner on second base until in the first seven innings. They only got their second runner in scoring position when Drew jogged to second after Gardner’s hard-earned walk.

And then the bullpen let the game get away from them, which is a story Yankee fans are far too familiar with this season.

But what can they do to take advantage of these impressive starts by young players like McCarthy and Greene? They need to start swinging early in the count. Too many Yankees, especially Jacoby and Tex in the eighth, find themselves in a hole, having to swing at anything close to try and make contact. The earlier in the count, the better pitches are thrown. When you let a pitcher get to 2-2 on you, they’ll start throwing nasty pitches to throw you off. The better pitches are earlier in the count, so take advantage of those and find a pitch that is actually good to hit instead of just hacking to stay alive.

5-0…a five game skid. Yanks, I’m not impressed. But there is still hope for October. In New York, we never give up hope. Not after September 11th and not after the Yankees spent numerous years watching instead of playing baseball in October. We keep the faith; why do you think we have 27 World Series titles? Time to make it 28.

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