A little momentum can go a long way

I will be honest: I turned away from the television, despite having a good feeling the Yankees would manage to come through with a victory. And as any sports fan knows, it ain’t over til its over. If you’ve got that gut feeling a win is coming, then you are usually right.

Tex finally came through after struggling mightily at the plate and Chase Headley launched a 3-2 pitch deep into the night to send the Yankees home fist-bumping. And I stepped away from the TV to get ready for bed.

Who does that? I am ashamed at myself that I missed something so magical that hasn’t happened in a while. And against the rival Red Sox as well? Unheard of!

But fear not, Yankee fans, I am not becoming a fair weather fan. I’m still with them in the long run. I could have given up a long time ago, when the struggle that is the 2014 season began, but I didn’t. I’ve watched them through their ups and downs so far and I’m waiting for a few more magical moments before the end of the season.

Whether the end is in September or November, either way I’ll have those Yankees in my mind and in my heart. They’ll always be my number one. Above football or basketball or hockey, baseball will always reign in my book.

So here we go: the final stretch. It is September and the temperatures are barely chilling, but that just means we have a good chunk of baseball to go before the final eight teams break off to find out who the true champion is.

Will the Yankees be that champion? Right now, the light is dim, but the spirit and momentum is high. And if there’s anything the Yankees have taught us, it is that a little bit of momentum can go a long way (cue 2003 ALCS memories).

Now are you pumped?


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