That commercial though…

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Not sure what that elephant looks like? Well, its the black-and-white elephant of a commercial that honors Derek Jeter’s everlasting legacy in New York. You know it now?

If you haven’t seen the commercial by now, you’re missing out. Truly. My Red Sox fan friend even told me she got goosebumps. Oh yeah, its that good.

But what makes it so good? The emotions it evokes about Jeter’s leaving? The idea that this commercial actually makes the end of his career all too real?

None of that! It is the fans. The pure elation on the faces of Yankee fans. The all-too-common scene of Jeter greeting his fans, laughing with the little kids and hugging the older generation of Jeter fanatics…even helping them with technology, although Jeter declares that he doesn’t know what he’s doing either.

Okay, maybe the song has something to do with it too. I mean, the choice of a Frank Sinatra song shows how Jeter’s legacy will grow as old as time itself. With “New York, New York” being the Yankee victory anthem, it is all too clear the song choice is meant to mess with our heads and cry like babies over the retirement of a true winning legend. But…the fans.

That is where the emotion comes from. His relationship with the New York community is phenomenal. He is open, friendly, casual…he treats the fans like they’re his own personal friends. They greet him with casual nods, waves and smiles. Why? Because he is a star on the field, yet he brings his personality to the streets.

And those who know Jeter and have followed him over the years know that he doesn’t just leave it all on the field. His hard work and dedication is taken off the field to various organizations, such as his Turn 2 Foundation. He truly is a man of New York.

The commercial pays tribute to the city of New York and the emphasis of Jeter’s reach. It is far beyond the stadium. His reach stretches all across the city and the generations. He casually talks to construction workers, greets the ladies, chats with the children and hugs people he doesn’t even know. And they don’t know him, but they feel like they do because of all he’s done for New York.

This commercial is gold. Jeter chose New York and New York chose him. And now they’re paying him back in the best way that they can.

8 more days at the Stadium. 5.5 games out of second Wild Card spot. It’s time to focus on the game, but Gatorade gave us a chance to, just once, focus on Jeter.

If you don’t think you’ll miss him, you’re lying. Jeter IS New York. Jeter is right at home.

You can find the commercial right here:

I dare you not to cry.

But enough crying…LET’S MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!

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