In a Jeter state of mind

This is it.
Today is the day.
It’s the day Derek Jeter
will walk away.

Walk away from the dusty field
and this twenty year career
with the New York Yankees,
but his heart will remain here.

It started as a kid
when a young Jeter said,
“I want to be the Yankee
shortstop” and the idea stuck in his head.

Working his way up the ladder
with hard work and dedication,
Jeter certainly never wavered
in his determination.

Even after frustration in errors
and lack of hits,
he found his way around
the bats and the mitts.

1995 he made a splash
on the Yankees squad
and he never looked back,
ultimately becoming a Yankee God.

Amongst home runs, the dive,
the flip and plays in between,
Derek still managed to
keep his record squeaky clean.

The attitude and hustle he
brought to each game
taught many to play for
love, not for fame.

So now, dear Captain,
your pinstripe days may be done,
but you’re forever a Yankee,
forever the #2 who is number one.

The day has come where
we must say farewell to Jeter,
forever a Yankee and always
our fearless leader.

Thank you, Captain.
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