An Open Thank You to the Yankees

I haven’t posted in a while because of the whole “no baseball in the winter” thing, but I figured on the day where we share our thanks and shamelessly devour every available food source in the world I would share just why I am thankful for the Yankees.

I have followed the Yankees as a young girl, as I have mentioned before, but the Yankees were never just a baseball team to me. They were a hobby, an inspiration, a reason for doing what I do.

As cliche as it may sound, I have learned more about life and love from the Yankees than I could have ever imagined. Feel free to call me crazy or just an obsessed sports fan, but I can truthfully back up that claim. And this probably goes for any die-hard sports fan, I can guarantee it.

Life: Life is about second chances. About never giving up on something you believe in. About striving to be your best every single day and working towards those goals with a undeniable hunger. Basically, life is baseball season.

No matter the outcome of the previous game, there’s a reminder that tomorrow there will be another game, a game that could turn out so much better. There’s always a tomorrow for you, no matter how today ends up. It could turn in your favor or it could be completely out of your control, but there’s always a second chance in tomorrow. 162 games to look forward to…but for us, we have…who knows how many days to look forward to? One day may not end in our favor, but we can proudly look forward to the next day and make it a win.

And each season, there is only one winner. One grand prize to call your own. There are no prizes for second place. Regardless of how last season ended, in heartbreak or victory, there is a chance to reinvent yourself and your surroundings for the next chance. Yankees have come and gone over the years and they are constantly reinventing themselves to become the absolute best. They’ve shown dedication and determination. Sometimes it pays off (2009), while other times it doesn’t (2014), but that never keeps them from simply laying down and dying. They’ll try and try until it all pays off.

And love. Love hurts, whether it is right or wrong. I’m not sure what song that’s from, but the Yankees showed me that first. Even before I had my first boyfriend, I knew the joys and heartbreak of a first love. 1998 showed me just how powerful love could feel. 2001 showed me just how depressing it could be. But regardless of the outcome, I still couldn’t shake that feeling of love for my Yankees. I had faith and hope that they would turn it around. Because I loved them. And, dang, it sounds depressing that I learned how to love from the Yankees, but going through the pitfalls and joyous occasions with them over the years, I can change my relationship status to “in a relationship with my boyfriend…and the Yankees.”

So, thank you. Thank you for the long hours you’ve spent agonizing over which free agents to add to the roster. Thank you for the memorable Octobers (and Novembers), the exciting Septembers and the joyous Aprils where baseball has finally returned. Thank you for always bouncing back from losses and doing whatever it takes to get back to being at the top of the baseball world. Thank you for the inspiring characters you’ve introduced me to along the way and giving me the privilege of seeing some of the most talented ball players excel in the Bronx. Thank you for all you do to make your fans happy. Thank you for being the New York Yankees.

Now, let’s eat some turkey and pray for baseball season to start once again. This relationship is a year-round thing, but I miss our days in season.

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