The Saga of A-Rod

With one swift signature by Chase Headley, the starting third base position was lost to the former child star, Alex Rodriguez.
Okay, so he will play third base, but the resigning of Headley only solidifies just what Yankee fans and all of baseball want: the end of the A-Roid era.
I have respected A-Rod, once allegations emerged about his illegal usage of PEDs and I stood by him because he was a part of the team. But as the truth slowly came out, I found myself less and less attracted to this all-star, this man who truly rose up to become a star player.
Now? I don’t want him on our team. And I feel bad saying that. But if you look at his track record over the past few years, he broke the law, the rules and tarnished the reputation of baseball. Not singlehandedly, but he certainly was one of the biggest names to come out of the steroid era.
Shortstop starting out with the Mariners, the scrawny Rodriguez grew in popularity (and size) over the years for his range and his power from the plate. However, no matter how great he played, he was always overshadowed by that other young and talented shortstop, in Derek Jeter.
Moving to New York, I could instantly tell that A-Rod wanted to be Jeter. He wanted that unconditional respect, those rings and the love from fans all over the world. Don’t get me wrong, A-Rod was a better shortstop. More reliable in the field, but Jeter was, and is, just…Jeter. And A-Rod just…wasn’t. So joining the Yankees squad and transferring to third base was an admirable move on his part, but just the beginning of his time in the limelight.
Here’s the ask for fame, you are bound to be scrutinized. Every single move you make will be analyzed under the microscope. Well, that’s how he got caught. It was a sad tale, seeing someone fall so far from grace, but maybe, just maybe, coming back as a full-time DH will give him the opportunity to show everyone just how sorry he is.
Instead of disrespecting the sport and America’s pastime, maybe A-Rod should focus on saving what is left of his reputation. I supported him for years on the squad, but after all the indiscretions called against him, its time for A-Rod to go. He knows it too. The Yankees know it. Headley knows it.
The light is about to go out on A-Rod. All that fame and potential he showed at a young age was tarnished from his use of PEDs. And now he’s trying for a comeback. I’m sorry, A-Rod, but I just can’t root for you like I did in the past.
As a die-hard Yankee fan, I’m not going to respect those who cheat and make the game a mockery. A-Rod, one last season to show just how sorry you are. With the third base position locked up by someone who has proven his worth in pinstripes, A-Rod will have to settle for being a DH. Except this time, its time to play the New York way. Think you’ve got it in you?


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