The early Spring Training guest

Alert!! A wild Rodriguez has been spotted actually doing things in Tampa…and by doing things I mean actually working out!
We knew this day would come, but he is way ahead of schedule. And now that he is back in the public eye, New Yorkers are speaking out with mixed reviews…and many grumbles.
Here’s what I have to say: Alex Rodriguez is a cheater. I said it before, and I’ll say it again because that is what he will be known as. Is it fair? No. But people will never let that go.
I’m all for giving people second chances. And so far, A-Rod is doing what he can to try and shed this negative image. He arrived at Spring Training three days early and has already started working out.
Fielding grounders, taking 70+ swings at BP…all in a day’s work for a normal baseball player. For A-Rod? Its a spectacle. He knows he has to work his ass off. He has to go above and beyond to regain the trust and respect New York gave him when they automatically welcomed him with open arms back in 2004.
He’s never going to gain it all back, and he knows that. But showing up early to get started and talking to the media about being “excited” and eager to play shows that he is trying. And I’m going to commend him for effort at least.
I don’t know what this season is going to bring. But I think no matter what, I will not forgive him for his actions, regardless of whether he did it because he didn’t think he could be caught or not. His actions cannot be forgiven. But if he is serious about coming to New York and proving that the game means more to him than the drugs, I think I can accept that.

I’ll cheer for his comeback, for sure. I WANT to see him succeed…kind of like a Josh Hamilton rebound. I want him to be able to come back and show people that he is not going to be defined by his mistakes. Its too easy to give up and accept that. But from what I’ve seen so far, A-Rod isn’t giving up and that just gives me more respect for him.
Drugs are bad. Cheating is bad. That makes him bad, right? So why do I want to see him make a comeback? I believe in the good.
Because I’m human. No matter the choices A-Rod made, I know I’ll find myself rooting for him throughout the season.
The good overcomes the bad. So if you’re really serious about this, Mr. A-Rod, prove it. And I’ll be willing to watch what happens.


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