Thursday Report Card: First impressions

So I’m starting a new feature called the “Thursday Report Card,” where I’ll go over the last week’s games and give a grade on where the Yankees stand at this time and place.
So here goes…only two games in and the Yanks have (luckily) posted a 1-1 record. It should be 0-2 if it wasn’t for last night’s actually miraculous and luck-driven comeback.

Game One: Blue Jays- 6 Yankees- 1

Well, I don’t even know if this is worth talking about, but there was a lot to be taken out of this game. It was the first time we got to see the full Yankees squad in action this season and it was ultimately disappointing. The one bright spot had to be Brett Gardner’s solo shot, proving that the power he showed last year will continue to improve this season.

But here’s what we learned: The Yankees don’t have a line-up that can crank out hits. The Yankees will leave lots of runners in scoring position throughout the season. Tanaka can’t solely rely on off-speed pitches, even if he is recovering from an elbow injury. The Yankees infield needs to learn to work together more and be more consistent when it comes to throws. Didi Gregorious will dive for anything and everything close to him. Mark Texiera can still scoop low throws at first (thank goodness). And, last but not least, we learned that speed means nothing if you don’t have control of it (sorry Betances).

All in all, this game was not a bright spot at all. For me, it left a sour taste in my mouth as to what is to come this 2015 season. But the best thing is that there were 161 games left…I just hope there won’t be many like this.

Game Two: Yankees- 4 Blue Jays- 3

THEEEEE YANKEES WIN!!!! What a relief! I thought I was going to have to find an excuse to tell all the Red Sox fans as to why the Yanks have disappointed me with 0-2 starts for what would have been four years. Thanks to a late-game comeback, the Yankees prove that no matter the age of their line-up or the lack of offensive production throughout the game, they still have that Yankee magic!

Ellsbury was on base four times, starting off the season pretty impressively, just like last year. And Yankee fans discovered there is life after Mo…in the form of Andrew Miller.

So with the luck of a wild pitch, a hit-by-pitch and a tipped single, the Yankees somehow found themselves out front and didn’t look back. Miller closed out the game with a grounder to short, that luckily Tex was able to scoop. But, regardless of the “what-ifs,” the Yankees snuck away with the victory.

So this week’s grade (for only two games) would have to be a C+…strong showing by Pineda but not so impressive defensively. Definitely room for improvement in the lineup. But I think in the next week, they’ll start getting more comfortable being back in the swing of things (pun definitely intended) and will improve.

And that’s the buzz from the Bronx. We’re out.

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