Bronx Buzz: Week 2


The New York Yankees have toppled the best team in the American League and have depleted the Detroit Tigers. It may be the beginning of the season, but how is it that this series victory feels like another World Series championship?

Because this is a glimpse into the true potential of an aging and struggling team. Although the Yanks may not have young superstars like Mike Trout, they do have experience and they have determination…not to mention one hell of a starting rotation.

If you look at this past four game series, the Yankees plated 21 runs, tying them for the league-lead in runs scored this season. They had offensive outburst by different parts of the line-ups. They were firing on all cylinders and proved that their bullpen is arguably the best in the league right now.


The starting pitching was impressive. CC Sabathia may have ended up with the loss, but he toughed out eight innings with an economical 98 pitches. Oh, the best part? He only gave up two runs. Even for a loss, we’ll take this type of performance any day for CC, especially after such a devastating injury that took over the 2014 season.

Nasty Nate Eovaldi earned his first offical Yankee victory behind four double plays in his seven plus innings. Only giving up one run, Eovaldi dominated the Tigers’ lineup and showed just why the Yankees sought after him this off-season.

Adam Warren…part-time reliever, part-time starter, full-time game-time pitcher. Although he started out rough, he pulled together to make it to the sixth inning while only giving up four runs…the only four runs the Tigers would score this game. And his offense bailed him out. Even in the snow, he still held it together to make a solid start.

But the most impressive? That might just be Masahiro Tanaka. Not expecting much velocity due to the cold weather, Tanaka shut down Detroit’s relentless line-up in 6 1/3 innings. Only giving up one run and striking out six, we hope this is a sign of things to come for Tanaka in his return season.

Offensive Spotlight:

This week, I’m putting the spotlight on the impressive performance in the Tigers series on Chris Young. Several Yankee fans were concerned about the signing of Young, put he’s proved himself to be quite the valuable addition. Coming off the bench, he’s taken over when Beltran needs days off in right field and in the past week, has 7/16 at the plate. The .438 average he’s posted this week has been not only impressive, but he’s proven he can get hits when it counts. More importantly, he’s shown his power, knocking out a three-run homer and a solo shot.

Young may not have been signed as an everyday player, but he is certainly making a case for becoming one with this offensive outburst.

Grade this week: The Yankees get an A this week. Yes, there is still room for improvement, but the defense has been much more fluid and the offense has been coming through at all the right times. Plus, they are saving close games and having their bullpen come out and do their job.

Here we go Yanks! Next up…the Mets. That’s the Bronx Buzz for this week.


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