Hey, Pitch!

While the #StacheSquad continues it’s reign in first place in this year’s lackluster AL East, the offense has sizzled out a little. And due to that lack of offense, the pitching has gotten it’s first true test.

But have they passed? Yes, and no.

The starting pitching has certainly stepped up after the loss of Tanaka to a wrist injury. But recently, the tables have turned. With Whitley’s departure from an unfortunate elbow injury (that might have been better with rest two starts ago), the starting rotation is back where they began…with uncertainty about how will be able to fill the holes.

Whitley mentioned in his post-game interview that his elbow has been hurt for some time, but he thought nothing of it. As a young pitcher, he might have been able to salvage the rest of his season by just saying something, no matter how well he may have been pitching.

Sabathia has finally broken the win-less streak, despite showing some impressive outings these past few starts. But when it comes to the four and five hole, the choice is really up in the air.

And while the tail end of the bullpen has been phenomenal, with the combination of Betances and Miller, the middle-inning relief has been lacking. Esmil Rodgers has put up several innings of impressive work, but beyond him is where the game often gets lost.

Chris Martin comes to the mound with a strong arm, but recently his command has struggled when it comes to protecting the lead. The same can be said of David Carpenter, who comes in with a 5.37 ERA in just 13.2 innings pitched. These are not he type of numbers needed for a successful season, especially when hoping to either protect a league or stop the bleeding.

The starting pitching has been helped by the defense, but the struggles lie in the middle innings. When facing solid lineups, it is important to have strength throughout all innings, no matter the score.

So as the season rolls along, the #StacheSquad will have to improve on their middle-inning relief and fill in the holes in their starting rotation. And start to hit a gin. But, one step at a time.

Fix the pitching, fix the world. Or the Yankees. Either one.


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