Not so Royal anymore…

Sometimes people get writer’s block…in my case, I tend to get writer’s block once the Yankees start on a horrific losing streak. No relation whatsoever…

But I’ve found my groove once again, thanks to an impressive three game series against the MLB-best Kansas City Royals. That’s right…how sweep it is to be a Yankees fan during a time of impressive offense.

What this series revealed to Yankee fans is that this squad may be injury-depleted and a little old, but nothing helps more than some consistent hits and quality pitching.

Losing six in a row certainly wasn’t on the minds of the Yankees as they chased Jeremy Guthrie off the mound with a dominant 8-run first inning. The impressive part wasn’t just the amount of runs. Instead, I was more impressed by the domination up and down the lineup. It just goes to show what continuous hitting can do for a depleted line-up. As they say, hitting is contagious. Just ask Headley, Gardner, McCann or Drew…or just anyone.

Behind any solid offense, there still needs to be strong pitching. Cue #NastyNate in his natural habitat. A strong seven inning performance gave him the victory in the lopsided 14-1 victory to set a positive note for game one.

But game one means nothing if you can’t do it again in game two.

And they didn’t do it quite the same, but the results still tallied another victory in the win column. In a 5-1 victory, the star of the game was Teixiera once again. Driving in four of the five Yankee runs, he blasted both a double and homer to lead the squad to their second victory in a row.

Behind a stellar performance from former reliever Adam Warren, Teix gave the Yanks new life and confidence heading into the series finale.

And game three ended up in favor of the Yanks once again. The 4-2 victory was sweet, but perhaps the sweetest feeling is the confidence as they head to the West Coast.

Alex Rodriguez took the game into his own hands, as he launched a three-run shot to permanently put the Yankees on top, as well as collecting his 1,995 RBI of his career (passing Lou Gehrig on the all-time list). With an impressive showing this season, A-Rod has proved he is extremely valuable as the Yankees keep their push towards a division title.

And how could we forget about Pineda? #BigMike delivered another stellar performance on the rubber to put him at 6-2 on the 2015 season.

Current Place:
First in the AL East

This week, I want to give credit to the wheelin’ and dealin’ Warren. Coming from the bullpen, Warren has proven himself to be just the type of depth they need in their rotation. Only 27, he could be a valuable piece in the upcoming seasons (if they decide to keep him). Despite losses in two of his last three starts, he has only allowed 3 runs at most in those games. Now with the offense picking up, he could be the missing piece of the puzzle for the starting rotation, just as Tanaka is about to return to make it the most dominant rotation in the AL East.

What’s next:
Four games in Oakland and three games in Seattle..time to get some extra sleep kiddos because we are going to be staying up late to cheer on our West Coast-bound boys.

That’s it for the Bronx Buzz. You stay classy, Mark Teixiera…and for goodness sake, take that girl to prom!


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