Much Ado about Stephen Drew

He’s the player fans love to hate and love to love. Whenever he does something poorly, he’ll never hear the end of it. And when he does something great, he gets his five minutes of fame and no more.

Yes, Yankee fans, I am talking about the phenomenon that is Stephen Drew. He is easily the most talked about player in Yankee social circles, including having his own parody twitter account for his poor average.

Drew is currently batting .165 on the season, second worst on the team. He is batting .125 in his last seven games. He has four errors on the season. In all terms, he is not impressive either at the plate or in the field.

Until he is.

His pinch-hit grand slam to beat the Orioles earlier this season set the Twitter universe on fire. He’s crushed home runs when the Yanks have needed it most, including just last night against Seattle in the top of the 9th. He makes stellar plays in the field when he has to and boots easy plays. Well, sometimes you can’t have it all.

So, what is the deal with Stephen Drew? Fans worship him for doing the fascinating, game-winning things and scold and berate him for the simplest mistakes.

Well, its been a long time since we’ve had a player as interesting as Drew. He’s a character fans can sit on when things aren’t going the Yankees way. He’s an easy target. Does that make it right? No, but Drew is the type of player who starts to prove people wrong just as things are getting worse.

Think of the times this season he has come through in clutch situations. The grand slam is the greatest example and he was worshipped for that day, but automatically put under the microscope the very next day. Even Didi Gregorius, who has already logged seven errors on the season thus far, doesn’t get the kind of crap.

But Drew is easy to pick on. He was a former Boston Red Sox player and made the trek to New York, only to fall far below the expectations people had for him. And when things aren’t going right, its so easy to blame the little guy and dissect every possible thing he does.

Stephen Drew is certainly not an All-Star second baseman or the main source of power in the lineup. That is easy to see. But everyone is obsessing over Drew because he is the kind of player people secretly root for; the underdog. He’s not the best by any means, but he can get the job done when he needs to. And if he can’t, he’ll probably be criticized for it. But that’s just the name of the game when you’re in New York.

You’re expected to be the very best in the New York spotlight so anything less is just not good enough. Even a pinch-hit, game-winning grand slam.

Drew is no Derek Jeter. He’s no Robbie Cano. He’s Stephen Drew and he’s going to do Stephen Drew things.

So keep obsessing over him: every time people think the worst of him, he proves everyone wrong.
stephen drew
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