A-Rod the All-Star?

Coming back from a season-long suspension for use of PEDs, Alex Rodriguez has surpassed all expectations with his current performances. But with Yankee fans chomping at the bit to get A-Rod into the All-Star Game, it raises the question of whether or not he deserves it.

If A-Rod gets voted into the All-Star Game, will all be #FORG1V3N in the world of MLB? The answer: of course not. A-Rod made the mistake of using PEDs and he got in trouble. While he has come back with a vengeance, it is clear that A-Rod will never have the respect and reputation he once had.

But the All-Star Game is a game for ALL-STARS…some of the best players in the MLB, regardless of past. Just ask Josh Hamilton. But let’s take a look at the numbers:

A-Rod current stats in 2015:
BA: .280
HR: 11
RBI: 28
Hits: 52
Last 30 games: 5 Hrs, .320 BA

With a focus on the DH position instead of concentrating on both fielding and hitting, a resurgent A-Rod has provided a spark for the Yankees offense that nobody expected, even him. At Spring Training, A-Rod himself even told reporters that he had no idea how he was going to perform.

While Yankees fans tweet about the need for A-Rod in the All-Star Game, looking at his stats, he doesn’t quite stack up to other DHs or even third basemen. Mark Teixiera? Defintely #ASGWorthy. Andrew Miller? He’s probably in. But A-Rod? He won’t be in and that is not just because of his indiscretions.

A-Rod has been an All-Star for the Yankees so far this season. He has been almost a miracle, since no one expected anything from him. He has proven himself to the Yankee faithful but when it comes to the ASG, he hasn’t performed up to snuff.

Yankee fans from all over have been won back by A-Rod’s solid performance this season and they’ll continue to cheer him on, but when it comes to the MLB, chances are he will never be forgiven for his indiscretions. And if the Yankee faithful ended up voting him into the game, there will be a major uproar… and for good reason.

The bottom line is A-Rod does not deserve to be in the All-Star Game based on 2015 stats alone. Forget the past and his mistakes…looking at the stats, he is being surpassed by several others at his position, including the powerful Nelson Cruz and the Royals’ Kendrys Morales. While he is 3rd in the voting, he still doesn’t deserve to have that starting spot.

Stats alone, A-Rod is not going to Cincinnati. But we’d rather have him in New York in October anyway, right?

Photo courtesy of newyork.cbslocal.com


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