All-Star Game: How the Royals fans are ruining it all

Just to clarify: This is an article that proves how the Royals are screwing themselves over by stuffing the All-Star Game ballot box.

No gimmicks here, just the absolute truth. And it is about time someone thought about this logically.

Several people have taken to Twitter and other social media sites to complain about the Kansas City Royals fan base and their need to stock the line-up with any and every KC player. Royals fans say its because their fan base is better than everyone else’s and will continue to vote to prove the Royals are the best team in baseball.

Guys…no one is arguing that they are not. Even as a Yankees fan, I have no problem saying that the Royals are the best American League team. They have depth in their rotation, a great defense and several hot hitters. They have a very good chance of returning to represent the AL in the World Series in October.

And because they are probably going to be the AL team still playing in late October, they are only messing with their chances of winning the World Series by voting only KC.

They are a World Series-caliber team and they should want home field advantage for that series. So wouldn’t it make sense for Royals fans to want the best players in baseball on the field for the All-Star Game? This would give them a better shot of winning that chance of home field advantage.

And they’re telling me that Omar Infante is better than Jose Altuve?

But the fans don’t think like that. They just want KC to be represented in all ways. Here’s the thing: everyone in baseball knows they’re the best team. The Royals are 12 games over .500, which is impressive in such a mediocre season of baseball. They are 40-28 and own first place in the AL Central. They have a combined 3.57 ERA. They are batting a combined .273, behind only the Tigers by .001. They are one of the best.

But by voting all Royals, they are hurting their chances of getting home field advantage if they make it back to the series in October.

And how important is home field advantage? Ask seven of the last ten teams to win the World Series. That’s right…in the past ten years, seven of the World Series winners had home field advantage.

So, Royals fans…I understand your need to prove your worth. You need to prove last season was not a fluke. We know.

And as baseball fans, we also know that you are only digging yourself a hole by turning the All-Star Game into the All-Royals Game.

So suck up your pride and vote Altuve. Vote Cabrera. Vote the best players because, chances are, they will be the ones who will get your team back to the World Series in a position for home field advantage.

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