Final Selections

The crazy, emotional roller coaster ride of All-Star game fan voting has officially come to a close …for this year at least.

And the part that surprises me the most…for once, there are no Yankees listed as starters.


You believed that, didn’t you?

The truth is that this year, those who have been voted as starters are those who truly deserve it. And none of those players happened to be Yankees. But you know what? That is perfectly okay by me.

I have no doubt in my mind that these fan picks were extremely smart and well-educated…for once.

While Teixiera and Gardner have put up excellent numbers this year, they still are not the best in the league by any means. They are All-Star players to a first-place Yankees squad and have been a huge reason they are in their current position halfway through the season. While it would be nice to have my team represented during the MId-Summer Classic, it is not deserved and I can absolutely accept that. I can’t say the same about other Yankee fans, but I’m sure they feel the same, no matter what they say.

Teix, Gardner, A-Rod…hell, even Stephen Drew. These guys up and down the lineup have done little things that have helped spark a team run back to first place. And that makes them all All-Stars to me.

So the majority of the Yankees will get the week off…that is fine by me. Get a little rest, relax and gear up for a stellar second half. Because, who knows…we might find our squad back under the October lights.

Congratulations to all of the All-Star Game starters! Well-deserved honorees will be representing the American League and that’s exactly what we all need to see!

We’ll see you all in Cincinatti!


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