Snub City: Who got snubbed and who didn’t

Well, here you have it, Yankees fans…there will be at least two Yankees representing the Bronx in this year’s All-Star game!

Teix and Betances will be heading to Cincinnati as a reserve and pitcher, respectively, while Gardner is still awaiting his fate in the final five players for the #FinalVote process.

The big story here is why A-Rod got snubbed out of an All-Star selection. Is it because of his “off-season” last year? Is it because of his debilitating relationship with his now-imprisioned cousin? The world may never know exactly why A-Rod didn’t get the nod as a reserve player, but fans will still speculate all they want.

Prince Fielder was selected over A-Rod in the DH position. Side-by-side comparison of the stats show that Fielder has a higher BA (.347 vs. .284) and more RBIs (50 vs. 47), but he has less homers than A-Rod (who has 16 vs. Fielder’s 13).

But if you look at stats alone, what is more important? Home runs or hitting for average? Or is it average with runners in scoring position? Because if that is the case, Fielder wins that too, posting a .400 average over A-Rod’s .262 average.

Numbers alone, Fielder is the easy choice to go over A-Rod. A-Rod didn’t get snubbed but he is showing a promising season…its just some people are performing better.

But…people want a show. The All-Star game hasn’t been a popular event for several years (sorry, MLB) and what will bring in viewers to the show is the once-scorned player who has come back to exceed expectations of everyone.

Think about it, MLB. You want more popularity to the All-Star game? A-Rod would be your ticket. As much as people say they don’t like him and will always call him a cheater, people will watch. Even to root against him, they’ll watch. And those who hate A-Rod are the same people that are now forgiving Pete Rose…

Stats alone, A-Rod was not snubbed. But when it comes to a chance to finally make the All-Star game something to be popular once again, A-Rod is the real winner.

Now its time to get Brett Gardner there too…which, with his stats, would really be snubbed if he didn’t make it.

Just putting things out there: Gardy has a better BA than Jose Bautista, Adam Jones and J.D. Martinez, who were all selected over him as reserves. Gardner also leads them all in average with runners in scoring position (.328). Bautista was clearly selected for his power, Jones for his speed and defense and Martinez for his impressive home run tally.

But Gardner is a unique combination. A combination of speed, improving power and a smart hitter. He makes things happen, not by knocking it out of the park each time, but by keeping the line moving.

With his skill-set and stats, if he doesn’t get chosen in the #FinalVote, it will certainly be a snub. Consistency has made him #ASGWorthy this year.

Overall, the Yankees this season may not be starters but they are represented in some ways during the All-Star game. And even if they don’t get selected, Yankees fans always know that these players are all All-Stars in their own right.


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