The trades that never happened

As the trading period came to a close, the Yankees decided to make a last-minute power move that would shock the core of Major League Baseball.

They did nothing.

That’s right…that Yankees, constantly known for throwing away money on athletes past their prime, barely spent a dime…except for one minor pick-up.

Amidst the big names and stellar pitching in the mix, the Yankees didn’t move an inch. At the time, they had a six game lead in the AL East over the next closest opponent. They were in desperate need of starting pitching. But they didn’t budge because even though Cashman has made some silly deals in the past, he knows the value of what he’s got down in Scranton.

That’s right…the Yankees opted out of trading for some solid arms in favor of their prospects. What is this, the nineties?

But I guess you can’t blame Cashman for what he has to work with. He’s got a strong starting arm in Luis Severino. He’s got an upcoming home run king in Aaron Judge. With Severino coming up to start against the Red Sox on Wednesday, the Yankees hope to start the future early and overcome their starting rotation struggles with one guy.

But that’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it? If Severino doesn’t exceed expectations from day one, you’ll instantly hear Yankee fans taking to Twitter to complain about Cashman’s lack of moves during this trade period.

Was it the right choice to skip this trade period in favor of the future? In my opinion, yes. But we won’t know for sure until October rolls around.

It is right because instead of chasing after pitchers who might not perform under the big lights in New York, he is relying on the building of the farm system once again. Remember Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera? Remember how well that worked out? If this is another opportunity for a dynasty, you bet Cashman is going to leave them out of the trading block.

No, we didn’t nab Kimbrel to make the bullpen even more dominant than it is. No, we didn’t pick up David Price to finally make our starting rotation something to be afraid of. And, no, we didn’t get a chance to see the talented Tulowitski in pinstripes. But we get to see the 7-0 Severino on the mound. We get to see Aaron Judge crank home runs on his way to the majors.

We don’t know how this will all play out, but with a six game lead in the AL East, the Yankees actually made the smartest decision they have in a while. Let’s play ball and come October, hopefully we’ll get to see what these prospects are all about.


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