The Little Team that Could

Hey, remember when the Yankees were 7 games up in the AL East? Me too!

Remember when they fell to second place? Yeah, me too!

Remember how the Blue Jays keep winning? Yup…of course I do…

But there is something that is happening…and that is, the Yankees just won’t go away. In the past, once they’ve started to slip from the rankings, it is like an avalanche…they just keep sliding down until they have no shot at the playoffs.

But this time, they are hanging around and not going down easily. That is the difference between this year and last year.

The Comeback Kids, as they have been dubbed this season, have shown their chops when behind during the regular season. The past two games have shown the Yankees come from at least three runs down to cruise to victory.

So no matter what point they are in the game, they are never out of it. That is something that is unique to this year’s squad. Down three runs? No big deal, just send Brian McCann up to the dish. Looking to add some insurance runs? Put A-Rod in the batter’s box.

And not only the big names, but the lesser-known Yankees are making a name for themselves. Greg Bird has been on a tear, hitting five home runs in 21 games. Didi Gregorius has found his stride in the last month. In the second half of the season alone, Gregorius has hit an impressive .327. These two have been huge catalysts and reasons why the Yankees are sitting only .5 games behind the surging Blue Jays.

It’s easy to see all those ups and downs from the beginning of the season, but now is when it all counts. All games thus far have led us to this month…it is time to make it or break it.

And when it counts, the Yankees are getting the job done. Watch behind you Toronto, because here come the Comeback Kids.


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