And they all fall down…

This is the point where a non-believer would say, “The Yankees are out of the playoffs.”

Let me tell you, in New York, it is very difficult to find a non-believer. Any true Yankee fan knows, it ain’t over til it’s over (Thanks Yogi)!

But right now is the time to panic. Mark Teixiera is not coming back for the conclusion of this season, with a three month timetable for his recovery of a fractured leg. Slumps are occurring throughout the lineup and things just don’t seem to be clicking when it comes to one-run games. Already losing tonight, they are 1.5 games out of the AL East lead to a Toronto team that is showing no signs of slowing down.

As Andrew Marchand said, Panic City was on it’s way and I’m quite certain that it has been discovered.

Although we are in the thick of pure panic, with only 23 games left until playoffs begin, there are still small signs of hope. The problem is, it is up to the Yankees to see these signs and the fans to believe.

For example, a bright spot is the defense of Didi Gregorius. Being criticized coming into the season, Sir Didi has come a long way to being exactly what the Yankees needed after the untimely loss of Derek Jeter.

Another bright spot? The Yankees can crush the ball: they are second behind only the Blue Jays in home runs this season. No matter how far up they have to look, they are only one or two big swings away from being right back into it.

But that leaves us with the real problem with the Yankees…they are getting behind early and not having enough time to catch back up. They do certainly have the talent to come back and win, but they are finding themselves just barely on the short end of the stick in the majority of these games.

With a 21-23 record in one-run games, several of these losses were because of lack of offense late in the game. They need to rediscover the spark that they’ve had in the past to recreate some playoff magic from the late 90s.

Remember Scott Brosius? Tino Martinez? These guys, and so many more, got things done when they needed to. Where are guys like this now?

The Yankees have the capability to make some magic…they just have to believe in it. Right now, the Yankees control their own destiny.

So, your move, Yankees.


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