Game 163: Is it about baseball or something more?

Tomorrow is the day. It’s time for the Yankees to take all of their hard work and efforts from this season and compile them into one, do-or-die game.

Game 163 is around the corner and yet all anyone can talk about is CC Sabathia checking himself into rehab for an alcohol addiction.

With the Yankees limping to the finish line, their finish was a surprise to everyone in the Yankees’ fan base.

But right now, the focus should be on this one game. Because nine innings could determine if the season is really over or if there is still hope moving towards that elusive 28th title.

While CC’s story is an important one, several people have taken part in the blame game. I’ve seen “fans” who have been on the internet all day, trolling the story and putting their two cents where it is not necessary.

The Yankees may be resting on the eve of their biggest game of the 2015 MLB season, but right now it seems to be all about Sabathia.

Not in a way that he ruined their chances at the playoffs, but because the fans are finally getting a chance to see that these players are not just players: they are people.

They are people who struggle with addictions and who make mistakes. They are human beings who are put on such a large stage that we expect perfection from them.

But Sabathia shows that there are more things to life than baseball. Right now, it seems like baseball should be the only thing on these player’s minds. However, there are internal struggles and family issues that we probably can’t even begin to imagine. Because we put them on a pedestal of perfection.

It happens. And CC is doing what he has to do to make himself better. Not necessarily in a baseball sense, but in life. People ask if he couldn’t have just waited a week. Just admitting you need help is one of the most important steps you can take.

CC, tomorrow may be a baseball game, but it’s the start of something better for you. Baseball is only a short time in your life; your health and wellness will last for your entire life.

Thank you for being brave enough to step up to get help. CC Sabathia may not be in the Yankees’ dugout during their do-or-die game against the Houston Astros, but he will certainly be in the thoughts and prayers of all players on the field.

So HERE WE GO YANKEES to game 163…let’s hope there will be more because this season does not feel over just yet.

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