Off-season moves

The Yankees have been the only team so far this off-season who have not signed a MLB free agent.

How un-Yankee-like.

But, wow, how smart.

The Yankees have made trades galore and have picked up some key pieces to fill their lineup. Starlin Castro is a name that comes to mind when I think about the huge additions the Yankees have made at little to no cost.

While the Yankees haven’t signed any big name, they could be doing themselves a favor or shooting themselves in the foot.

Big names were available that could have packed some punch back in the Bronx, but Brian Cashman passed on them. Justin Upton was available and Cashman instead took the lesser-known Aaron Hicks.

Smart? Maybe. But if you think about these trades, Cashman didn’t give anything huge up.

The big name he got rid of was John Ryan Murphy, who served as McCann’s backup last season. But with Gary Sanchez coming through the system, chances are Murphy would have been a third string catcher.

So, no big moves have been made. The Yankees didn’t make any moves during last season’s late trade deadline and it ultimately bit them in the butt. Down the stretch, the Yankees limped to the finish line and got kicked out of the playoffs after one game.

Will the same thing happen this season?

The off-season will set the tone for Opening Day…so will this be a good thing or a bad thing?

As Spring Training rolls around, we’ll see if Cashman’s off-season moves pay off.


Until then, we’ll wait for the snow to melt while dreaming about summer days of Yankees baseball.


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