Goodell Can Learn From Manfred

Being a Yankees fan, I was disappointed in the loss of Aroldis Chapman for 30 games this upcoming MLB season.

But at the same time, I had a sense of pride in knowing that Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball is taking a step in the right direction when it comes to the domestic violence issues in sports.

It seems nowadays all you hear about are the athletes that have issues off-field, yet still get a chance to play. Heck, this season was all about chances for Johnny Manziel on the Cleveland Browns…and he blew every single one of them. And he still is getting opportunities.

Chapman’s issue occurred in October of 2015, involving allegations of him choking his girlfriend and firing a gun eight times. While he wasn’t charged in the incident, he has accepted this suspension under the new MLB policy.

Maybe it’s time that Roger Goodell take a page out of the MLB commissioner’s book.

Domestic violence disputes are becoming (sadly) more and more common, but maybe the MLB is onto something with this new policy. Players are getting their punishment and, as a result, Chapman’s suspension will cost him $1.8 million in his salary.

Even though 30 games is not a lot in the long run of the baseball season, it still is enough to make a difference. Games can be won and lost in the final innings, and without Chapman, the Yankees could lose some games they originally thought were nailed down.

That’s the name of the game…anything can happen at any time.

I’m a fan of the Yankees and a huge fan of the impressive talent in the bullpen, but I agree with Manfred. If anyone is going to take a stand when it comes to the issues of domestic violence, I’m glad to see that the MLB is setting the standard.

This is the first time that I have felt this issue is being taken seriously. And maybe it will set some changes in motion in other leagues.

Sure, Chapman had to be the first to succumb to the new rule, but a rule is a rule. Domestic violence isn’t a joke and punishment should be doled out. But I couldn’t be prouder of Manfred for taking a step in the right direction.



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