Right or Wrong? Gossage’s Rant

Today was not a highlight for the New York Yankees as they prepare for the beginning of another #Chasefor28 campaign. In fact, I just received my “October Baseball” t-shirt for the Yankees today and right now, it looks like it will be sitting in the drawer for a while.

But what was more entertaining than today’s game (besides Ben Gamel’s gravity-defying catch in the outfield) was Goose Gossage digging into Major League Baseball and the game itself today.

Missed it? If you did, check it out here in his latest interview with Andrew Marchand.

But how could you miss it? Amidst the colorful language and name-dropping, Gossage may have given the interview to remember far beyond today.

But did Gossage have a point or was he just in a bad mood? Honestly, I think he may have had a point.

The game is far different from when Gossage was on the field. Rules are different and the steroid era has changed the game, as Gossage not-so-subtly pointed out. And it is all because of the “nerds” running the game.

The negative to his rant is that, yes, the game has changed. But also, the rules have changed for safety reasons. It may seem ridiculous,but collisions at home plate are almost as bad as some hits on the football field that people are trying to avoid. With Chase Utley’s controversial slide last season, the MLB is trying to prevent more unnecessary injuries. Throwing inside? Just ask Giancarlo Stanton, who showed off his knock to the head with a fastball just last season.

But Gossage is right about a couple of things. While I think it’s unfair to refer to Jose Bautista, one of the strongest home-run hitters in the game, a “f-ing disgrace,” he is right to say that showboating is something that has simply gone far enough to be disrespectful to the game of baseball and the opponents.

Not only that, but I took away the most from hearing Gossage drill Ryan Braun and the use of steroids in the game of baseball today. It is disappointing to know that people who did use steroid didn’t get reprimanded (like Alex Rodriguez did for quite some time).

Gossage also argues about the “nerds” who run the game. With the whole concept of “Moneyball” being passed around recently, that is just the way that things are being done. And we can’t change that.

Bottom line is the game has changed, Goose. It is definitely different, but it is still the game we know and love.



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