Did Baseball Really Start Yet?

Opening Day

Here we are.

We’ve been waiting what seems like endless months for this day. Now, here we are, Yankee fans on the eve of the first game of the season.

The beginning of the baseball season is a fresh start. Who cares what happened last season? It is a new year, a new chance to use those 162 games to become the team everyone wants to be. It is a new chance to make a statement.

Last year’s season was difficult for the New York Yankees, but is time to start over. It is time to prove that the Yankees are the organization you should be jealous of. We have pride, power and pinstripes and that can propel the Yankees back to October.

If there’s one thing I know about baseball is that it is unpredictable. There is so much time to come back. A team who starts 0-20 can still make a run to the playoffs. Each pitch has the possibility to become a something ¬†amazing. A home run, a walk-off single, a 100 MPH pitch for a knee-buckling strike three. Anything is possible. And the beginning of the season shows that more than anything.

Who knows what will happen this year. Gregorius is entering his second season in the Bronx and settling into his role as a slick-fielding shortstop. Starlin Castro has made a statement both on the field and at the plate, proving to be an excellent middle infield partner for Didi. Young pitchers are back and will continue to impress.

But there have been so many downsides. Andrew Miller will still play, but we’re unsure how his injury will affect him. Bryan Mitchell, by far one of the most impressive arms this Spring Training, is down and out with a broken toe. Chapman will miss the first 30 games and Greg Bird is out for the season, leaving Yankee fans consistently praying that Mark Teixiera and his gluten-free diet will remain healthy all season long.

Can A-Rod continue an impressive run at the plate, like last season? Can Carlos Beltran improve his plate presence to help the Yankees win games down the stretch? Will the Yankees find a consistent third baseman to help anchor their defense? Will the outfield stay healthy?

So many questions that we might never know the answer to. But that is the game of baseball. No matter how bad things can get, there is always a chance for them to get better.

So tomorrow afternoon, at approximately 1:05 PM, I’ll be following the New York Yankees on GameDay from my office. No, maybe I won’t get to see the game in person, but I’ll at least be there in spirit, cheering silently from my office.

Here comes the fresh-cut grass, the extra inning thrillers. The walk-off victories and the stunning, devastating defeats. The comebacks and the pitching dominance. The spectacular plays and the sweet smell of roasting hot dogs on a July afternoon at the Stadium.

This is baseball. And it doesn’t officially begin until April 4th at Yankee Stadium.


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