Syracuse Season Ramblings

Those darn Syracuse Orange. Ruining the NCAA’s idea of the “perfect” March Madness.

They assumed Syracuse would get embarrassed early by a strong Dayton team. They didn’t.

Then they figured giant-killer Middle Tennessee State University would down the Orange. Nope.

Then, it was an underrated Gonzaga team that could surely shut down Syracuse. Well, they tried.

Then they believed that the clock would strike midnight for the Cinderella squad against powerhouse UVA. But once again, the NCAA was disappointed.

Tonight, Syracuse’s run to the unthinkable National Championship title ended with a loss to the rough and tough University of North Carolina.

So the NCAA and the world can now take a collective sigh because Syracuse , the team no one wanted to win, is FINALLY out of the picture.

The thing about this year’s Syracuse team is that they took each game, each deficit, and they turned it into THEIR game. And that is what makes this Syracuse squad a champion in the eyes of Syracuse fans.

They never gave up. No matter how many points they were down, fans knew that there was still hope in the depths of this Syracuse squad. Rolling only seven deep, they came through when they needed to.

Yes, they weren’t a top pick to even get into the tournament. In fact, people went as far to say that they didn’t deserve to be in the tournament at all. Is it because of their mediocre record or because of the NCAA sanctions from last season? No one will tell the truth, but we can only guess.

Syracuse may have not had the best season, but playing in the stacked ACC primed them for tournament-level competition all year long. Need more proof than that? 3 of the Final Four teams were from the ACC.

It is ridiculous for reporters and announcers to have a say in whether or not the Syracuse Orange deserved to be in the tournament. In fact, it is ridiculous for them to even downplay their opponents up until the Final Four. After each round, it always seemed to come across that their competition “wasn’t even that good.” Hmm, interesting.

The bottom line is Syracuse faced impressive teams and competition all through the tournament and they beat them. They beat them, fair and square. And they beat them in Syracuse fashion, using their unique zone defense and making in-game adjustments to overcome obstacles.

THAT is what a team should look like in the tournament. As we’ve seen before, seeds mean nothing in March Madness. And Syracuse, regardless of whether they deserved to be there or not, was there. They took full advantage of everything this tournament had to offer them.

Deserving or not, downplaying the success of the Orange during this month of March is something is a crime against college basketball as a whole. You don’t have to respect the team or the coach, but you have to respect hard work, talent and dedication. You call yourself a college basketball fan? Disrespecting a talented and dedicated team might say otherwise.

Syracuse made a run and now the magic is over. However, as Syracuse fans know, they’ll bounce back. They’ll make us proud, win or lose. Syracuse will never go away, so it’s about time that college basketball gets used to it.

Amazing run and season by the Orange and now, it is time for the Syracuse women’s team to get the job done. And being Syracuse fans, we’re dedicated to our sports.


PS. #GeorgetownSucks



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