The Streak Continues!

But that doesn’t mean it is a “good” streak…in fact, it is the unfortunate one that has continued.

That’s right, the streaky New York Yankees are back in 2016. And by streaky I mean the Yankees that explode for too many runs one day and follow it up with a disappointing performance which results in little to no runs.

But the important part is that Yankees baseball is back. So no matter whether the week ends in a 0-4 record or a 4-0 record, we still watch and support them just the same.

Last year, the struggle for New York was the lack of offensive support for the impressive starting pitching. So far in four games, the starting pitchers have not been as dynamic as last year, so the lack of offense can really kill them.

While Tanaka led the way by only giving up 2 runs after coming off of elbow surgery, Pineda and Eovaldi struggled to find their form from last year. The funny thing? Tanaka gave up two runs and got the loss, while Pineda and Eovaldi gave up a combined 11 earned runs in their 10 innings this season.

Even today, Luis Severino gave up four runs, which is an easy obstacle to overcome for this recent offense, but they were frozen today. And not just by the weather.

In their two losses, the Yankees put up 3 runs. In their two wins? They scored 24 runs.

See the problem? Teams are always subject to off days or even slumps, but it seems that when this team slumps, they all slump. It isn’t just one part of the line-up; when one person struggles, everyone struggles.

So while we’ve seen hot starts from young players, especially Starlin and Didi, we have also seen things early on that need to be fixed if New York wants to find themselves in October again.

To improve on throughout the season:

  • Lengthier performances by some starters (While Tanaka is being eased into it due to his elbow, some of these other pitchers have been workhorses and need to step it up to give the bullpen some time to adjust to new roles)
  • Not always relying on the long ball (Last year, the Yankees relied on the home run for many of their games. While it is enjoyable to watch, sometimes the small hits get things done and keep the line moving, like we witness in the first inning in game two).
  • ¬†Finding the right combination in the line-up (Obviously this is something that takes a while, but once they find that perfect combination for the line-up, they’ll be able to get the job done).

But I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with this start to the season. I had low expectations and, so far, I have enjoyed watching these Yankees in 2016. Four games down, many more to go. If they continue to knock the ball around and making diving plays (I’m looking at you, Aaron Hicks!), they’ll be better off than anyone expected.


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