You Can’t Spell Yankees Without Fun

Well, technically you can. But this season, things are a little bit different.

Have you noticed how the vibe in the Yankees dugout has changed this season? Last year, the Yankees finished their first five games with a 1-4 record. In that span, they scored 17 runs.

In 2016, the Yankees are 3-2 while plating 35 runs. An impressive disparity, especially against two young and talented teams.

But something is different this season. The Yankees seem looser, more excited to get out there and play the game. Why is that?

Well, the acquisition of younger players with big personalities seems to have played a role. Last year, the Yankees only had Didi on the field, backed by an aging line-up. While that aging line-up still plays a huge role in every game, Starlin Castro, Aaron Hicks and even Luis Severino have brought back the youth the Yankees have so recently lacked.

Castro and Didi have already established a self-proclaimed bromance in the infield. Not only do they flow together on the field, they are even more hilarious in the dugout, on the team planes and in the YES Network studios.

The “Step Brothers” reenactment scene that premiered right before the season gave us a glimpse into the loose and fun Yankees that we should have been prepared for this season. When Bryce Harper said he wanted to “Make Baseball Fun Again,” the Yankees took that to heart.

Didi, Castro and the others play with smiles engraved on their faces and being looser and more relaxed allows them to perform better. Aaron Hicks just made two stellar catches in right field due to his youthful speed and the smile on his face said it all; he enjoys the game. Castro is batting .450 this season and making a splash in the pinstripes and Didi has began the season on a hot streak, batting a respectable .333.

And it’s rubbing off on other players. Brian McCann is hitting a blistering .467 so far and Mark Teixeira has already driven in 7 runs in five games. The infectious play of the young Yankees is something that is making the whole team better this season.

Yes, it is early in the season, but the fun is just beginning. They’ve been able to hit with RISP, as well as use the long ball to extend leads and, most importantly, come back from early deficits.

Didi does recaps via twitter and cell phone videos after each game. A-Rod admits he does hot yoga on his off-days. Teixeira makes goofy faces to celebrate home runs. McCann is now, and will always be known, as H2Bro. These are the looser, happier and better New York Yankees.

Make Baseball Fun Again? It is fun, just ask Brovaldi. Or CasBro. Or even MasahiBro or SeveriBro.

Actually, just ask the Bronx Bombers.

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