Change is Good…Really

So the new season excitement has worn off and we are stuck with the New York Yankees that look nothing like the once fabulous New York Yankees.

The offense has stalled…in fact, it is non-existent. Getting hits is extremely rare in the Bronx and when they do happen, it seems to be too little, too late.

Rare bursts of offense seem to be coupled with poor pitching performances from the starting pitchers and the bullpen seems to be falling apart when the Yankees need wins most.

Take last night for example: A-Rod actually started hitting while Nate Eovaldi decided to fall apart after staying in the game too long. Dellin Betances gave up a two-run homer to help the Red Sox take the victory and clinch the series.

The Yankees are bad. There is no skirting around that issue. In fact, the 8-15 squad is starting to dig themselves into a hole that they might not get out of.

As Brett Gardner said early on in the season, he’s prefer losing streaks to happen now than in September when it really matters, but is he thinking the same thing now?

If they continue this losing streak, the cellar of the AL East will become their permanent home. And that is the last thing fans want to see…and you can be George Steinbrenner is rolling in his grave knowing that he left the successful team to those who don’t know how to run it.

Changes need to be made. While Joe Girardi keeps staying that he’s not sure what to do, maybe it is time to shake things up. Sit Chase Headley. Move around the line-up. Tighten up the defense. Bring up Nick Swisher, for goodness sake!

It’s time to seize the opportunity to make these changes. Obviously what they have now isn’t working. It’s time to try something that might actually work. At the beginning of the season, no one could imagine that 23 games in would find the Yankees in last place.

Make some changes, Joe, because it is no fun watching a team that will just break your heart over and over until October.



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