Romine Vs. Sanchez

With the Yankees finally kicking into gear, this team of rag-tag veterans have won 3 series in a row after being written off already by baseball analysts on all platforms.

While the offense is kicking into gear, I can’t help but focus on an event on Friday. The Yankees called up Gary Sanchez from the AAA affiliate Scranton Wilkes-Barre Railriders to DH against Chris Sale in the series opener against the White Sox. A day later, he was sent back down, after an 0-4 performance against one of the better lefties in the game.

In the beginning of the season, fans were scratching their heads as to why the clear top prospect for the Yankees in catching was being kept in Triple-A. But now I see why.

Gary Sanchez has had a very small sample size, but Austin Romine is someone who has been up before. With Brian McCann leading the charge behind the plate, chances of Sanchez playing would be slim. And would you want your best catching prospect playing every 5 or so days? No. You’d want him playing every single day to improve.

Romine has done a stellar job so far in his time in New York this season. He clearly won the Spring Training battle for the back-up catcher and has proven that it was no fluke. Even though he plays only about half the time or less, Romine has proven he plays a huge role in the Bronx and fits right in.

Romine does not have the star power and hype that Sanchez has. But he has been here before and, right now, the Yankees need experience out there to help them climb out of the hole they’ve dug themselves.

Romine, with his .303 average, has posted big-time hits in only a partial role with the team and has found a comfortable spot as the catcher for Nathan Eovaldi this season.

If it works, it works. Keep Sanchez in AAA and continue to develop his skills. He will be a star one day, but right now, the Yankees don’t need a star. They need experience.

While the Romine vs. Sanchez debate will rage on as Sanchez continues to tear it up at Triple-A, the Yankees did the right thing. Right now, it is working for them and Romine is a perfect fit in a streaking Yankee line-up.


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