LOST: Yankees Offense

While not necessarily down and out, they are certainly down. The New York Yankees have once again sunk towards the bottom of the AL East, despite going on a tear and winning 5 of their last 7 series against formidable opponents.

Recently, the offense has stalled once again and it seems that hits are as rare as a an earned run scored off of No-Run DMC.

Let’s face it. We are paying players to underperform. The highest batting average on the team is .280, courtesy of a streaking Jacoby Ellsbury. The lowest from an everyday player? A-Rod with a .175 average. Behind him is Mark Teixiera, at a dismal .185.

These are supposed to be the top run-producers for the Yankees and they are the ones who are leading the way by striking out with runners on. Teix, a natural home run hitter, only has three on the season. Didi Gregorius has more home runs than him…

Home runs don’t necessarily win the game, but even with runners in scoring position, the Yankees are all batting below .300, with several starters below the Mendoza line. The Yankees have fallen far from their days where a dominant offense was something that was a given.

Lately, the Yankees are faltering under pressure and not able to convert when they need to. And that is the reason why things seem to be falling apart just as things looked like they were falling into place.

The slumps from A-Rod, Teixiera and, well, everyone seem to be what is holding them back from getting back above .500 and in contention.

Girardi spoke to the media and don’t want to make any line-up changes, but at this point, it’s time to try something new. While it is still early June, once the All-Star Break hit, the Yankees will find themselves in a hole that they’ll never be able to dig out of.

What is wrong with the Yankees? They can’t hit. That is the bottom line. With solid pitching by Sabathia, Eovaldi and Tanaka as starters and the “three-headed monster” for the bullpen, the lack of offense is killing them.

It’s time to step up and start hitting like the Major League players we know and love. It’s hard to be a fan when everything is going wrong, but for the Yankees, it’s not time to give up.


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