Those Were The Good Ole’ Days

Watching Old Timer’s Day for the New York Yankees was certainly a blast from the past. Different players from different generations came back together to remember the past and celebrate their experiences with the greatest franchise in the history of sports.

Yeah, it’s that important.

The team that is so rich in history brings back those who have helped make them 27-tie World Champions.

As much as I enjoyed watching this unique tradition this year, something was bothering me. They brought together all these former players to recognize the greatness that is a part of the franchise. But where is that greatness now?

This season, the Yankees are a measly two games below .500 and fighting for their lives to stay in the race for the playoffs. It may only be June, but they still have a hole to dig out of in order to make it to October again.

Watching the Old Timer’s Day event makes me realize that we have players on the current squad, but we don’t have stand-outs. A lot of these players that did so much for the Yankees in the past were considered superstars. Now we have A-Rod, Mark Teixiera and Carlos Beltran. All well-known superstars, yet they can’t do it all.

It’s those little guys that get the job done. Bernie Williams, Willie Randolph, Hideki Matsui. All these players were not necessarily superstars by definition but they played hard and were consistent.

It’s amazing how times have changed. The traditions have remained the same, but it seems as though the energy and excitement has gone down.

Look at these guys playing in Old Timer’s Day. They’re ecstatic to be here. They recognize that this franchise is unlike any other. It’s time for the current Yankees to start playing like that.

It’s not all about stats. It is about playing for that interlocking NY on your chest. It is about playing up to the abilities of those before, who played with passion and intensity, which led to World Series championships. These Old Timer’s are the definition of the New York Yankees franchise and all it represents.

And I wish we’d see more of that in our current Yankees squad.

One of the greatest traditions in the world, Old Timer’s Day never fails to bring us back to the good old days and fan favorites. The world of baseball might not know everyone who comes out to Yankee Stadium, but we, as Yankees fans, do.

The 2016 Yankees could learn a thing or two from these veterans in their passion and dedication…and the fun they had during the game.

There is nothing like Old Timer’s Day. Thank you for that gem of an event, Yankees!



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