Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

August 1st is quickly approaching and the Yankees still have not determined whether they will be sellers or simply watchers. Selling would benefit them in the long run and watching would just make them more frustrated that 2016 will probably not have the results that were expected going into the season.

It’s a tough time to be a Yankees fan, especially since news broke that Brian Cashman might *actually* be interested in selling (for once), but the front office in the likes of Randy Levine and Hal Steinbrenner don’t believe that it should happen.

Interesting how things change.

Over the past few weeks, names have been thrown around the trading market but nothing has happened so far. While other teams are making moves, the Yankees are remaining stagnant in their position…while simultaneously dropping in the standings at an alarming rate.

As there are a few weeks left before the trading deadline, here are some of the names that have been thrown out there on the current Yankees’ roster. Now the true questions remains, should they stay or should they go? And, more importantly, WILL they?

Carlos Beltran (.299 BA, 19 HR, 58 RBI):

Should he go? YES! Carlos is by far the most productive hitter in the 2016 lineup and is having nothing short of a stellar year at 39 years old. Do I want to see him go? No. But being so productive and clutch, he will draw some impressive offers from teams in desperate need of a strong bat to anchor their lineup.

If the Yankees trade Beltran, they would lost their strongest bat this season and that is a big negative. However, by trading him, they could start building a younger squad, something they desperately need if they want to remain competitive in the future.

Now the real question…WILL he go? Yes.

If the Yankees continue their current downfall, he is one of the only trade chips that will have real value coming in for New York. Unfortunately, our days having the clutch Carlos are numbered, as his value is far too great to ignore. Plus, if the Yankees aren’t going to take a run for the title, at least give Beltran a chance to win his own ring with the season he’s having.

Aroldis Chapman (2.39 ERA, 17 Saves, 40 SO):

Should he go? Yes. Like Carlos, Chapman and his 101 MPH pitches are gold for a valuable trade. Several competing teams right now are looking for a closer, including the Texas Rangers and the high-powered Chicago Cubs.

While Chapman is a great pitcher, if not a little wild, he still will still draw many compelling offers. With Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances holding up the back end of the bullpen, losing Chapman won’t be as big of a blow as people believe. Betances and Miller will still be able to serve the 1-2 punch to end the game. Three closers is overkill and it only makes sense to trade Chapman, who is the new addition to the equation.

The Yankees should look carefully at offers they get for Chapman because they could be sitting on a gold mine. Young, offensive prospects are exactly what the Yankees should get and they could get quite a haul for Chapman.

Will they? Yes. At least they better. Because if they won’t, they are missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Andrew Miller (1.37 ERA, 7 Saves, 69 SO):

Should he go? NO! Everyone loves Andrew Miller, especially Yankee fans and teams who think they can get the Yankees to trade for him. Miller is a dominant of a closer as we’ve seen in the league and while Betances still will be able to close out for New York, they’d much prefer to have the dominance at the end of the game like they’ve had for the past two years.

The Rangers, the Kansas City Royals and the Chicago Cubs are main contenders to land Miller, but if the Yankees are smart, they might want to hold onto the 31-year-old closer to ensure late-game help will be something they won’t have to scramble for.

Will they? It’s hard to say, but I think the Yankees will hold onto Miller. He’s that player that represents the Yankees organization well and performs on the field. Besides, the last thing they would want is to face his dominant pitches if he goes to an opponent.

Jacoby Ellsbury (.273 BA, 4 HR, 30 RBI):

Should he go? Probably. As much as I love Jacoby Ellsbury as a New York Yankee, I feel as though there are other options in the outfield that might provide more opportunities for the Yankees to win moving forward. Plus, his contract is eating up valuable dollars that could help the Yankees in the long run.

Jacoby is in the top of the lineup, so his job is to get on base. And he’s been struggling to do that. Recently, he’s been better but he is inconsistent at the plate and plagued with injuries.

There have been talks of trying to get Ellsbury out of New York, which is tough to hear, but it’s easier to look at when he hasn’t been producing quite like he did with the Red Sox.

Will they? No. Not yet at least. They might look to trade him sometime in the next season, but his value has decreased recently and he hasn’t been much of an appeal to any teams.

Brian McCann (.244 BA, 14 HR, 39 RBI):

Should he go? Yes. McCann has been a blessing for the Yankees and sometimes he has been a burden. However, he has been a great answer behind the plate.

That is until you look down in Triple-A and see the upcoming talent the Yankees have in their system. Austin Romine has been doing amazing things as back-up and Gary Sanchez is lurking down in Triple-A with a .281 BA. Sanchez is ready to come up and be a major league catcher and has certainly had the practice. Now is the time to get the youngsters up in the game and see what they can do.

Besides, by unloading McCann on teams that are looking for a reliable catcher since they have two others in the Yankees organization, the Yankees can focus on getting strong bats and middle relievers to make the Yankees a contender again.

Will they? Yes, I think this will be the surprise trade coming up. McCann has the star power and the bat to appeal to different teams around the league. We’ll see if it unfolds, but I think the office in New York is considering this as well.


Thoughts? Opinions? Let me know what you think and let’s see if the Yankees will be sellers come August 1st because Lord knows they could use the help.



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