The Trade of the Century

The time has come…and hell has not frozen over. The Yankees did something before the trade deadline that might actually benefit them in the long run.

Did you pick your jaw up off the floor yet?

Earlier today, the Yankees and the Chicago Cubs agreed to a five-player deal that sent their 105 MPH-throwing closer, Aroldis Chapman, to the Windy City for no. 1 prospect, Gleyber Torres, OF prospect Billy McKinney, former Yankees middle reliever Adam Warren and OF Rashad Crawford. Wow.

Let’s look a little closer at what the Yankees lost and gained on this fateful day.

Aroldis Chapman:

By giving away Chapman, you are losing a reliable closer and part of the Big Three from the bullpen. However, Chapman wasn’t signed to an extension from the Cubs. Who is to say that the Yankees won’t snatch him right back as a free agent in the offseason?

While Chapman threw 105 MPH, he also was inconsistent with his speed. He has the speed but always the accuracy. Despite losing Chapman, the Yankees still have a solid closer in the left-handed Andrew Miller and a set-up man in Dellin Betances. They have it figured out and I wouldn’t be surprised if next offseason, Chapman returns to pinstripes.

The best part? They bought Chapman cheaper from the Reds in the offseason and now, they are unloading him at a much higher price with much higher prospects. Now that’s baseball.

Gleyber Torres:

This guy is talented. At only 19 years old, Torres was the Cubs’ top prospect and will fit right into the Yankees farm system. He was ranked the 15th overall prospect in baseball this season by Keith Law and will no doubt make his way up the rankings with his strong defensive skills.

The Yankees are doing just what we’ve begged them to do for years…build up the farm system and bring these young, hot players to the Bronx. It was smart for the Yankees to make this deal now…if the Cubs were in danger of dipping down in the standings, there is no way they would trade Torres. But since they are focusing on this season and winning now, it was the perfect time to snatch Torres before the Cubs realized their mistakes.

Billy McKinney:

McKinney was the Cubs’ 5th ranked prospect this season and he is also making the trip to the Bronx for Chapman. McKinney, at only 21 years old, is another hot pick-up for New York when it comes to boosting the talent in the farm system.

While McKinney is only batting .252 this season with one home run, he will likely be finding a spot at Trenton, where the squad will be rooting for him to continue improving. He’s still young and still has room to grow. It’s just a matter of seeing where he’ll grow to fit in for what New York needs.

Adam Warren:

Hey, I know that name! Welcome back to Warren, who is best known for his impressive stint last season in middle relief. Both a starter and reliever, Warren provides some much-needed security for shaky middle relief in the Yankees’ bullpen.

The Yanks already know what he has to offer them and they’re ready to get right back on the horse with him. Sending him on loan to the Cubs was a smart move by Cashman, when he could easily buy him back in a multi-player trade.

Rashad Crawford:

I’m not going to lie, I don’t know much about Crawford. However, from what I have heard, he is FAST. And by fast I mean…fast. So far this season in A Advanced, he has 22 stolen bases. We need an outfielder that is able to swipe bases with ease. Obviously he’s not ready now, but grooming him for the future is a smart idea.

While he isn’t as known as the other prospects, he’s still a solid pick-up and potential future table-setter for New York. We’ll just have to see how things come about.


Looking back, Cashman practically stole these prospects for Chapman. With anticipation of potentially getting him back next season, when the Yankees have a stronger core of players to build around, the Yankees look like they’ve won this trade.

But the deadline is still a week away. So let’s see what exciting things are coming to New York by August 1st.


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