Can A-Rod Come Out To Play?

The battle over Alex Rodriguez continues in the Bronx. But the problem is that nobody seems to want him to play.

Tonight was a prime opportunity for A-Rod to get the nod at DH against Bartolo Colon and the New York Mets tonight with A-Rod boasting incredible numbers versus the big righty. In his career, Rodriguez is batting a solid .442 (23 for 52) against Colon, with 8 home runs and 20 RBIs.

So why isn’t he starting?

Instead, he is replaced in the DH position by the rising star Gary Sanchez.

Sure, maybe A-Rod is batting an unfortunate .204 on the season and he doesn’t play the field any more. But he also has a higher BA than Mark Teixeira, with 52 less at-bats. Teix is hitting at a .198 clip and is primarily still in the game for his defensive abilities. But with Carlos Beltran being traded to the Texas Rangers and the DH spot opening up for more opportunities, Alex Rodriguez has not gotten the chance to capitalize on that.

With a player like Alex Rodriguez and seeing his performance this season, it is easy to see that Joe Girardi and the management want to think of simple way to push A-Rod out. What other way to do that than by not giving him playing time?

There is no reason he shouldn’t have a chance. A-Rod is an experienced veteran who has proven himself time and time again, yet can’t seem to find his way at the plate this season. Let us not forget it was Alex Rodriguez that who batted .455 and .429 to carry New York to the World Series in 2009. Let us not forget the Alex Rodriguez who won 3 AL MVP awards, 10 Silver Slugger Awards and had 14 All-Star appearances.

Derek Jeter certainly wasn’t up to par in his final season, but he still got the starting spot practically every day. And the worst part about A-Rod is that the Yankees are not exactly in the thick of a playoff race. They are struggling to stay afloat in a competitive Wild Card race in the American League. If you are winning, chances are you’ll drop an under-performing veteran. With nothing to lose, why not let A-Rod have his chance?

With his performance this season, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that this might be A-Rod’s final chance in the game. He is 41 years old and has not been the same since his suspensions. But if this is his final season, why not let the man play? Let him have his chance to say goodbye to the game and remind everyone just why they loved watching him play in the first place?

A-Rod has had a tough road, one that he created for himself with his steroid use. However, every player deserves a second chance, especially one that showed just how talented he was at a very young age.

Give A-Rod a chance because the Yankees have nothing else to lose in 2016.


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