My Experience In Toronto Was…

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a weekend trip up to Toronto to catch the Yankees-Blue Jays match-up on Friday evening. Rogers Centre was a place I’d been before, but this time was far different. In the midst of a playoff atmosphere, the Yankees were in a must-win situation to keep their playoff hopes alive. And they didn’t win.

But my boyfriend and I want to go to every stadium in our lifetime and knocking Toronto off the list was a technicality. However, it is one that we probably won’t go back to, seeing as how this experience was one to forget.

I learned quite a few things about Blue Jays fans when I was at the game, as one of maybe 10 Yankees’ fans in the sea of royal blue. This visit just reinforced the fact that Toronto Blue Jays fans are one of the worst. And here is why:

  1. They know very little about baseball

What can I say? Many of the fans I encountered were not there for the action on the baseball field. Every fly ball hit was automatically considered a home run, no matter how fair or foul it was. Every ground ball was a base hit. And if their runner got out, they automatically started protesting.

After the second inning, a mass exodus occurred in our section, where more than half of the Blue Jays fans left. Just got up and left. Only to return when the Blue Jays were up to bat again. They didn’t care about defense but just wanted to see the offense work.

 2.   They only wanted to fight

Anyone. And anything. The fans were absolutely horrific. Me, sporting my Gardner shirsey, and my boyfriend, wearing his gray Yankees jersey, were heckled aggressively the entire game. I’ve been to other stadiums wearing Yankee apparel and it was no problem. But apparently my support for another team was disgusting and warranted the group behind us to consistently yell “f*** you” into our ears.

Making comments about how “Gardner is a f***ing b***h” and “who in their right mind would wear a f***ing Gardner jersey when he sucks a**.” Through six innings…while the Yankees were already losing. My boyfriend and I didn’t even react and eventually this drunk heckler got escorted out by police. And not because he was offensive to us, but because his constant yelling of swear words could be heard by the children sitting two rows in front of us.

Not only the fans, but apparently Jose Bautista was pissed that he got his in the eighth inning when they were already up 9-0. Yes, the Yankees did that on purpose because they wanted another baserunner. That’s why…

3.     They teach their kids to heckle too

It wasn’t just the drunk man-child that took to heckling Yankees fans and players. A child sitting a few rows behind us chanted the entire time, “Ellsbury you SUCK!” This kid never cheered for the Blue Jays…he only heckled the Yankees players. Gardner and Ellsbury were his favorites to ridicule, but he also made a point to make the blantantly-idiotic statement, “Hey Sanchez, you SUCK!”

Yes, child, I wish I sucked liked Sanchez. It would be terrible to put up ROY numbers in just two months in the majors. Okay, kid.


Honestly, it was an interesting experience to say the least. However, it is one stadium that I might not go back to. Last time I was there, the Yankees to Blue Jays fan ratio was easily 50:50. This time? Not the case at all. I was lost and given questioning looks all night long, as though I shouldn’t dare enter Toronto territory cheering for anyone other than the Blue Jays.

Unfortunately, that’s not how I was raised. I was raised in the glory days of the New York Yankees and got to experience some amazing experiences and victories. Well, that’s what these fans for Toronto are going through now and good for them that they get to experience this.

As the gentleman behind me constantly reminded me, Yankee fans tend to live in the glory days. Well, all I have to say is at least we HAVE some glory days to look back on.

Thank you, Rogers Centre, but I probably will leave the Blue Jays baseball to Canada.

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