My fan story

You’ve all known me long enough but you don’t know where I came from. It’s about time I shared my own fan story.

I’ve seen endless stories on Twitter and every one has been extremely interesting. It’s fascinating to look back and see when and why someone became a fan. Even better, their fan story usually say a lot about a person.

So here’s mine.

I’ve talked before about my grandfather who got me hooked on Derek Jeter. In reality, the big reason I started watching baseball was not only him, but my mother.

That’s right. A woman taught me everything I could ever imagine about the sport of baseball. And that is the coolest thing in the world.

Mom was a New York Yankees fan from a young age. Growing up in Westchester county, my mom was one of the youngest of seven siblings. Getting into baseball at a young age, she carried that with her for her entire life only to pass it along to her three daughters.

Of my sisters, me and my younger sister took to baseball the quickest. When we were young, we rarely were allowed to stay up late to watch TV. When the Yankees were playing, that was different. The last thing we viewed each night was an early inning of the Yankee game.

People considered that to be a bit strange. However, to use, it was a tradition. One that we didn’t think much of at the time. Now, I can look back and point out just how far back my fandom goes.

My aunt lives in Westchester county still, so my family and I took an early trip to Yankee Stadium back in the day. At eight years old, I remember it all. It was truly magical. Despite sitting in the upper deck, I was able to experience the game I loved and the team I loved firsthand. Once I experienced that, watching on TV just wasn’t the same.

I have my mom to thank for where I am today with my fandom. Even more, I have her to thank for encouraging me to pursue my dreams in sports writing. I’ve been told it would be difficult for a woman to get into sports writing. But it was a woman who got me into sports, so why not?

Today I am constantly looking up stats, watching every game and purchasing tickets for any Yankee game I can get to. As a young and impressionable child, my mom introduced me to the sport of baseball. But the great thing is, I chose to keep going with baseball, while my siblings had different priorities.

I live and breath the sport. I constantly analyze the game, the players and form strong opinions based on everything related to baseball. And it’s a place I would never be without my mom.

Thanks for getting me into baseball, mom. But even more, thank you for letting me realize that I can be a fan without fear of criticism based on my gender.


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